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Posted by on Sep 30, 2009

You've Landed Wallpaper

You’ve landed at DaPino’s renewed website !
A  new domain with Portfolio & Royalty Free Vector Graphics.

Yes, you are still welcome for free vector graphics at DaPino Colada and as Premium Member here.

But new vector graphics come only in the Premium Member section from now on and will be not published at DaPino- Colada anymore. Content at DaPino Colada will remain but rarely updated  with new content.

What’s published here, is just the start for more regular new vector graphics, etc ….

If there should be anything that you would like to be included into the shopping area or in the Free For Premium Members section, just send me an email or write it in comment.

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In addition to the shopping area, here you’ll also find my portfolio. During the building process of this website, I was thinking, this isn’t efficient. Separation of the shopping area and portfolio means I should have to maintain 3 websites [together with DaPino Colada].
Concentration of all my products and services in one place gives a better overview for you as a visitor, as well for myself.

I also have plans to write articles and tutorials related to web- and graphic design, because I receive a lot of questions related to my work, and I have many more nice plans…

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