Hi! I’m Pien Duijverman & my dog Daantje, aka DaPino
After a lot of experience both in The Netherlands and abroad, I settled down in my home country 8 years ago with feelings of freedom.

Pien & DaantjeAt first it was hard to find my way back here, but finally I came at home. After a long time, my home is a place where I belong with my dog Daantje and we’re truly happy.
In the past I earned my money as a freelancer for a software company. I did acquisition, not really my business, but nevertheless I felt at home in my work once again…

One day, while surfing on the Internet, I came across a flash website. And I felt instantly: This is what I want to learn. And I have managed to do so. I got my first order during my study and so on. This was the very beginning of the One Woman-Dog company -DaPino- and far from near the end.

As a freelance web & graphic designer I work with a variety of clients in different capacities, in different countries, though small business & organization.
In this way I am very happy to be able to work closely with my clients. Please feel yourself free to visit my portfolio and read the services that I offer.

I receive many questions about non-commercial and commercial licenses. You’ll find here all the information about this subject. If you have any comments, questions or if you need [more] information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The name DaPino

DaPino is a combination of my little sweetest dog Daantje and my name Pien.

DaPino Colada

During the last few years I really enjoyed my work as a web designer, but I found out that I like drawing graphics also very much. The reason why I started my web log DaPino Colada is to show and share my vector graphics. These graphics, including the vector files, are free to downloaded licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 Netherlands.


I am trained in all of the Adobe Creative Suite CS4 applications:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • InDesign
  • Flash
  • Fireworks
  • Acrobat Pro

I am fluent in the popular web languages:

  • xhtml
  • up to HTML 5
  • up to 3.0
  • javascript
  • php
  • flash action script 2.0 / 3.0
  • WordPress, Joomla, OScommerce, Opencart, etc

I think playing and noticing are crucial parts of the creative process, and I try to remind myself that I get paid to play and notice things for a living. Sometimes, I can’t even believe it.


Hi! I’m Pien aka Dorien, Piennemans, Pienmanski, Pienious, Pinos

I have done things wrong, even very wrong sometimes.

I have done good things. Successful sometimes.
This less attractive and beautiful experience.
I have lost, I have won and overcome,

I have searched and found.
I was always on the run until I discovered silence.

I experienced unrest
As the rest
I met and learned accept myself
I am happy

Through the love around me:
My friends,
My family.
By giving love to:
My friends,
My family,
And all those who are to do for me,
In my house, my job.

With everything.
Fortunately, I still have a lot to learn.

Still a lot to do,
Many to discover.

My black lace,
For negativity and greed.

The common thread is infinite.
The big question was: Who am I?
The answer is: I am who I am

Every day – I live
With trial and error,
But fortunately!


Hi, I’m Daantje v. Appelachen’s – Duijverman
I born April 3th 2004 and I’m together with Pien since May 29th, 2004 after her first dog Bobbie died (mauled to death by a dog). Read below what she say about me :D


Daantje, my GREAT small happiness
I searched for weeks off roads to say farewell to any kind of pain from the past.
Each tear seemed heavier than ever what had happened.
Now there was the consideration to what has been at the time, something simple and pure, to feel myself lucky and happy again.
That’s what Daantje colering. Daantje makes the difference for me and in my life!
My dear Daantje aka Daantje Banaantje, DaanUs, DaaneMans, Dikke, Muizemuis

I.M. Bobbie

Hi, this is my first dog love Bobbie.


Born November 9th 2002
Died April 18th 2004 [mauled to death by a dog]

Read the whole story

To my dear Bobbie,
There is a bridge connecting heaven and earth..
It is called the Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge
There is a land of meadow, hills and valleys with lush of green…
When a beloved pet dies…they go to this place…
There is always food, water and warm spring weather..
Those old and frail pets are young again..
They play all day with each other..
There is only one thing missing….
They are not with their special person, who loved them on earth
So, each day you run and play…

until the days comes when you stops playing and looks…..

your nose twitches
your ears are up
your eys are staring

You have been seen..!
We meet again….!

I take you in my arms…and embrace…
my face is kissed again..and again

Then we cross the Rainbow Bridge together,
never again to be seperated…

Until we meet again…